Te Puia schedules kiwi keeper talks over peak season

Making it easier for manuhiri (visitors) to learn about New Zealand’s national icon, Te Puia’s Kiwi House has scheduled their kiwi keeper talks over the peak season.


From October till the end of March 2018, keepers will meet manuhiri at the front of the Kiwi House foyer every day at 11am and 2pm. The presentation takes about five to 20 minutes.


Kiwi keeper talks will cover basic facts about the kiwi bird, for example; characteristics, diet and lifespan, as well as an interesting fact about these extraordinary birds.


Keepers will talk about Te Puia’s two new kiwi residents, Kiritehere and Marokopa, from Otorohanga, as well as two of Te Puia’s previous kiwi, Marama and Sketch, who were recently released on Mount Taranaki by the Department of Conservation and the Taranaki Kiwi Trust.


Te Puia environment supervisor Mariana Te Rangi says knowing and understanding the bigger picture will help manuhiri understand Te Puia’s efforts to protect these extraordinary endangered birds for future generations to enjoy.


Manuhiri can then enter the enclosure to view Kiritehere and Marokopa once their eyes adjust to the darkness, or via special cameras mounted in their burrows.


Mariana says the special infrared cameras capture ‘behind the scenes’ footage so manuhiri get the best possible kiwi experience.




What:              Kiwi keeper talks

Where:            Kiwi House, Te Puia

When:             October 2017 – March 2018

                       Every day 11am and 2pm

                       Free of charge for all Te Puia visitors