Te Puia features in top Rotorua attractions

Kristof Haines, content editor for MotorhomeRepublic.com, commented: “Narrowing Rotorua’s attractions down to ten top picks certainly wasn’t easy - there are so many excellent places to go and amazing things to do in this city.”

However in spite of fierce competition, it soon became obvious that there was no way Te Puia could be left off the list.

“The combination of both natural and cultural attractions was a big factor in Te Puia’s inclusion,” Mr Haines added. “Not only do you have geothermal features like Pohutu, the largest geyser in the southern hemisphere, but there’s a rich cultural tradition that’s closely tied to the land.”

The culture in question is that of the Te Arawa people who have been living in the area for almost 700 years and guiding visitors through the land’s geothermal wonders since the 19th century. Those who come to Te Puia are treated to a first hand glimpse of traditional Maori culture, expressed through the recounting of myths, legends and history through song and dance.

Mr Haines said that although there were many contenders for the top spots, there was never any doubt that Te Puia would be one of the final ten. “When you look at the history and heritage of this place, combined with its otherworldly geothermal landscape, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that Te Puia really is something special.”

Te Puia is also known for its specially designed kiwi house which affords visitors a rare glimpse of what life is like for New Zealand’s reclusive national bird.