Pork and horopito sausages a tourist specialty

Bento Boxes, Māori fusion breakfasts and Kai Mamaoa (wine barrel smoked meals), have become popular lunch options at Te Puia.


New to the menu and increasing in popularity is the popular pork and horopito (New Zealand pepper tree) sausages, which take a uniquely kiwi twist on one of New Zealand’s favourite summer cuisines.


Cooked on the barbeque at Te Puia’s new designated “hot section”, the sausages are served on flat bread with cabbage and puha (watercress) sauerkraut and a selection of chutneys, including tomato and karengo (seaweed) and smoked horopito aioli.


Te Puia executive chef Shane Beattie says horopito has a long history of use in Māori food and its hot spicy flavour is increasingly being used in modern cuisine as an alternative to pepper or chilli.


“The indigenous, spicy flavour of the horopito combined with the fattiness of the pork and the bitterness of the sauerkraut results in the perfect balance of flavours.”


The sausages will be available from November through to April 2018.