Kiwi house accredited for high standard of animal welfare

The kiwi house at Te Puia has been recognised as having a high standard of welfare for New Zealand’s iconic birds, receiving accreditation from the Zoo and Aquarium Association Board (ZAA), which manages the co-ordination of breeding programs and sets the level of professional standards and practice for its members.


The kaupapa (initiative) set out by Te Puia, who act as kaitiaki (guardians) of our national icon, provides manuhiri (visitors) with kiwi bird close-up viewing, combined with educational efforts on how these extraordinary endangered birds are protected.


Kiwi house senior husbandry officer, Vanessa Slingsby says the ZAA programme recognises and promotes positive animal welfare opportunities for animals under the care of Te Puia and provides staff and manuhiri with the assurance we are committed to high standards.