From Rotorua to Dakota, support for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

A powerful haka performed in Te Whakarewarewa Valley in support of the indigenous peoples of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in Dakota, has received viral attention from across the world.

By the end of November, the one-minute video of the emotional haka had reached 9.5 million people receiving 3.1 million views, 77,000 shares, 44,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

The idea of a support video came from Te Puia senior guide, Miriata Ruaporo, who says a number of whanau (family) members were eager to express their support.

Te Puia online market manager Eruera West says receiving a reach of 9.5 million within a week of posting the video is “phenomenal”.

“The reach, engagement and comments made on the video highlight the empathy we have for the Sioux people, but more importantly, they show just what our support means to them."

“The grace with which they have responded to our haka and our intentions behind it has been moving."

“Te Puia | New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute is mandated with the responsibility to protect, promote and perpetuate Māori arts, crafts and culture. We also strive to connect with and support other indigenous cultures from around the world in their ambition to protect their own unique culture and traditions.”


• Sonnys Anomaleez – Greetings from the Navajo nation, Ship rock, New Mexico USA! May you all be blessed! Thank you for sharing this powerful spiritual message to the Water Protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota Much Respect to the Maori nation of New Zealand!
• Yvette Issar – I'm watching this in a café, crying openly.
This solidarity between indigenous peoples who have survived genocide, colonization and state-sponsored marginalisation… standing together for each other, despite the miles separating them, and struggling to protect the water, the earth and the air. This is pure and raw. In these dark times, this gave me hope, and courage to keep fighting.
Thank you... Thank you.
• Judy Casey - My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Standing Rock... I come from Rotorua, New Zealand.. I salute Te Arawa in your support of the vile atrocities perpetrated against the Indigenous People of Standing Rock.