Daytime dining experiences

Here at Te Puia, we have a vast array of dining options available, whether you’re travelling with a large tour group, with your family and friends or sightseeing alone, we have an incredible selection for you.  We cater to all needs and have premium chefs with intricate, delicious, Māori-inspired dining.


In an authentic hāngi, make your choice from a selection of raw foods including: chicken, corn, kumara, pumpkin, potato, cabbage, watercress, and gourmet bread stuffing. Once you have placed your favourite delicacies inside the hāngi basket, you are ready to head to Ngā Whā Puapua, the constantly active steam vent opening used to cook your kai (food) the authentic way.

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Steambox Samplers

The sampler version of steambox includes a range of finger foods that can be cooked within 10 – 20 minutes whilst you view the geothermal valley. Menus are variable but have been comprised of Akaroa salmon, horopito rubbed lamb cutlets, and a range of siu mai and sweet corn.

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Enjoy the unique taste of Māori culture. Gather at Ngāraratuatara marquee, and watch as fresh New Zealand mussels, whole king prawns, corn and vegetables are placed in woven flax baskets and poached in our geothermal spring. The alkaline spring water captures a distinctive flavour within the food. Your mouthwatering meal is topped off with refreshing New Zealand beer and wine.The Ngāraratuatara cooking pool is named after the lizard-like tuatara – New Zealand’s largest native reptile. This unique cooking style is what the locals have been using here for centuries.

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The Whakarewarewa thermal valley is the world's most accessible geothermal site. Come and walk amongst it, and experience the valley’s majesty and awesome power.

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